Kids Book Apps
Page Turn
Turn the page and watch as the magic of storytelling unfolds. Children will enjoy seeing your book come to life. 
Share elements of the story on Facebook and Twitter. It also includes a direct link back for downloading app. 
Read to Me
Mom, Dad, Grandma, and other can record their voices and kids get a custom storytelling experience. 
Gift this app feature encourages those that love your app to give it as a gift and increases your sales. 
Custom Menu Character
Choose whether you want this this character as a main story character or a child character.  
Ideas / Strategy
We help you each step of the way to bring your story to life. We will give you ideas to do just that. 
Sound Effects
We have custom sound effects that we can or we can use custom sound effects delivered by you. 
App Partner
It's not just technology and app development. We are an app partner that "gets" what you do!
Puzzle Activity
Turn any of your images into a fun custom puzzle that keeps the kids playing while learning. 
Color Pages Activity
Color pages inside the reading experience and offer coloring packs to be included in your story. 
Seek and Find Activity
Test the child's memory and keep them reading your story. New packs can be added on going. 
Touch the screen and watch their faces light up. We help add animations to characters and objects. 
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